A New Guide for Both Caregivers and SLPs

An aphasia diagnosis can be one of the most devastating things to happen to someone who survives a stroke or traumatic brain injury. In an instant a person can lose their ability to comprehend and use language.

Similarly, an aphasia diagnosis can be just as devastating for that individual’s family and the persons who become caregivers.

In this new eBook, we’ll discuss the biggest challenges caregivers of people with aphasia face and reveal 6 steps to conquering those challenges.

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·      The emotional impact of aphasia on anyone who is touched by it
·      Challenges that are most common for caregivers of people with aphasia
·      Why it is so critical to overcome those challenges
·      Steps caregivers can start taking to tackle their challenges
·      The role SLPs play in helping both caregivers and people with aphasia

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